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5 Ways handmade soap is better for you

Is using handmade soap better for you?


Like you, I never really put any thought into handmade soap. I never questioned if it would be better to use handmade soaps or commercial soap.  I just thought soap was soap.  


That was until my son developed eczema.


If you don’t know what eczema is, it’s an inflammatory skin condition that causes itchiness, dry skin, and rashes.  But it can cause scaly patches which is what my son had and even blisters.


We took him to the Dr, but nothing was working.  He was scratching in his sleep.  Then in a moment of desperation, I made soap for the first time.  It was a cream soap with no scent no colorants nothing to irritate his skin.  


His skin got better, and we never went back to mass-produced soaps.  We only use handmade soap at home.


That’s all it took, I was hooked on handmade soaps.  I’ve been making soaps for the last 10 years, it’s one part science, one part art, and one part praying that it comes out ok. 


What’s the difference between homemade soap and commercial soap?   


Soap-making has really changed.  Originally soap was made at home with whatever oils you had available. It was never about making the best soap possible unless you bought expensive fancy perfumey soap.   It was all about getting you clean and using what you had around you.  


Now mass-produced soaps are not even really soap, and are often made by combining detergents, lathering agents, and synthetic ingredients.  You can tell because they do not call it soap on the label, the FDA doesn’t allow you to name a bar made with detergent soap.


Handmade soap, like most handmade things, tends to be more expensive than mass-produced, factory soap. This is because the ingredients used tend to be better, batches smaller, and shelf life shorter. 

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As a result, handmade soap keeps the skin healthier and milder.  Just don’t use soap on the face because the pH is too high for the delicate skin on your face.


better soap for dry skin

Should I use handmade soap for dry skin?

Yes!  Our handmade soap is made with skin-loving ingredients including coconut milk so it doesn’t dry out your skin.  Coconutmilk soap is considered a cream soap and is extra conditioning because of the coconut oil in the milk.  It adds extra fat to the soap, more than the lye needs to turn into soap which is what makes it so creamy!


We also have soaps with no fragrances available so there is nothing to irritate your skin.


What are some of the benefits of using handmade soap?

Oh, you mean other than amazing skin?  We pride ourselves on making the best soap ever.  That means using quality ingredients, and in small batches, so we can really control what is in our bars. 


Handmade soaps keep their glycerin. 

During the saponification process, handmade soaps create glycerin.  It’s a humectant which means it attracts moisture to the skin.  The commercial process usually strips the glycerin from the soap leaving you with a bar that will suck all the moisture out of your skin.


Handmade soap is not harmful to waterways

Large-scale manufacturing is one of the biggest polluters of our environment. The synthetic ingredients in commercial soaps, such as phosphorus, drain into rivers and lakes and harm fish and other living things. In contrast, the ingredients in our handmade soaps are biodegradable. 


Palm oil-free

We are palm oil-free.  There’s a lot of controversy about using palm oil because there is deforestation going on in Malaysia to make room for palm plantations.  Palm oil is cheap and easy to grow, which is why it’s not only in soap but it’s even making its way into our food like peanut butter.  Deforestation is taking away the homes of many animals including the orangutangs.  So we’re proud to be palm free!


Our packaging is sustainable.

We’ve switched to a biodegradable polyfill that fully decomposed in 3- 5 years.


They are pretty!

Seriously I love making soap.  I’m obsessed with making you the BEST soap you have ever used.  Handmade soap is like the gateway drug of self-care.  We bait you with the beautiful designs and intoxicating smells, then you start adding other pretty amazing products to your self-care routine. 

Handmade soap near you in Miami.

Looking to buy handmade soaps in the Miami Fl area?  You are in luck, we usually attend 2 markets every weekend on different sides of Miami.  Make sure that you are keeping up with us on Instagram to know where we will be.  


If you are looking for amazing Artisinal Handmade Soap or soap gift boxes you can always shop with us online.   Or send me a message if you are looking for custom favors or gifts!  We can make something amazing together!




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