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7 Essential Fall Skincare Tips

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month and, just in time, here are 7 Essential Fall Skincare Tips that will help you transition your skincare routine from Summer to Fall.  

When the weather starts to drop, you reach for comfy layers and cozy sweaters, right?  Let’s do the same for your skin.


Fall Skincare Changes Include Sunscreen

Use sunscreen even on colder or cloudy days.  

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends that you use at least SPF 30 every day. 

Look for a sunscreen that also gives you broad-spectrum protection. This means that your sunscreen will protect your skin from both types of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

brighteing day protection with spf 50

The Right Temperature to Wash Your Face.

When the weather cools down, don’t be tempted to wash your face with hot water…  Trust me, use cool water instead.

The heat from the hot water evaporates the moisture in your skin faster than you can replace it. Leaving your skin feeling dry, tight.  Especially in the winter months, it will leave your dry skin drier!  


Fall Skincare Tips for Tattooed Moms

Be sure to check your skin regularly for moles or other concerning changes. An easy way to stay on top of this is to just check with the season changes.  

If you have tattoos, make sure that you touch them for differences in texture too especially since color changes may be hard to see.

The American Cancer Society shares a thorough guide with pictures and instructions on How to Do a Skin Self-Exam.


Autumn Skincare Tips For Your Lips

Make sure you are using a quality lip balm to protect and moisturize your lips. Don’t wait until they are cracked, chapped, and hurting to start looking for a solution.   When the weather gets cold, this will be your precious go-to, to keep your lips ready for all the Pictures by the pumpkin patch! 

The Flora Skinlab our Smoothing Lip Balm for Peeling Lips, is formulated with “Smart” Hyaluronic Acid Action. This means it allows the skin to better synthesize Hyaluronic Acid for improved penetration, bioavailability, and efficacy, as it boosts Hyaluronic Acid production within the skin. That helps plump, smooth, and firm, aiding in optimal turnover and cell renewal.

Also, Shea Butter moisturizes and smooths and is a highly effective remedy for TEWL (transepidermal water loss), which helps keep lips soft, smooth, and supple.

Pro Tip-   Do you hate it when you get these little dry patches on your eyelids?  Packed with Shea Butter and Hylarunic Acid, this lip balm can be used on dry skin patches you get on your face during the winter.

hydrating cream cleanser for sensitive dry skin

What Does Dry Sensitive Skin Need for Fall?

When the air is dry due to weather or heaters, your skin is going to need more heavy-duty care. This means switching to a richer formula cream moisturizer that’s lipid-rich and will help protect your skin barrier. 

The Flora Skinlab Hydrating Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin provides intense, long-lasting hydration for dry, dehydrated skin.  Softens and soothes skin, exactly what you need.  

We use Acquacell™ because it’s a natural botanical blend of extracts combined with Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMFs) in an optimized delivery system that works to help increase cell membrane fluidity, as well as the skin’s structural hydration systems.


Give Your Skin A Vitamin Boost

If you haven’t already started using Vitamin C.  This skin-brightener is known for its ability to protect against free radical damage, fade dark spots, and help your skin glow.

Our Vitamin C Peel Professional Treatment System is a 2-in-1 product that will hydrate your skin while exfoliating to brighten a dull complexion.  

The Activator creates a warming effect to enhance the performance and delivery of the active ingredients, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Vitamin C treatment to brighten skin

Get Your Glow On While You Sleep

Do you hate waking up with dry itchy skin?  How do you keep it from getting worse when the temperature starts to dip?  It’s simple, use a sleep mask!

When you use a sleep mask at night, you wake up to dewy skin.  Make sure you find one like ours that absorbs deeply into your skin without leaving any residue on your pillow, (which can cause breakouts.)

It’s the perfect treat for when your face feels dry, especially at night. 

The Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask & Treatment works while you sleep so you wake up to plump hydrated skin that looks glowing and feels refreshed. With a relaxing lavender scent and packed with watermelon extract rich in Malic acid, this mask gently exfoliates as well.

Wake up glowing, hydrating sleep mask for dry skin

Bonus Fall Skincare Tips: Maskne

For those of us that are still wearing masks and suffering with “maskne”,  here are two things you should be doing regularly.  They are not really Skincare but can contribute to skin issues.

  • Clean and disinfect your phone regularly
  • Changing your pillowcases weekly

Healthline’s article, How to Avoid Maskne (Mask Acne) Breakouts, will also give you many more ideas to help keep your skin clear.



The most important thing that you can do with your skincare, is to learn what your skin needs.  Everyone’s skin is unique to them, but these tips will help you adapt your routine so you can make sure that you are giving your skin what it needs with each season.   So you have that Glowing Skin you want!

discover your skin take the skincare quiz

Your skin is not the same now in your 30s and 40s as it was in your twenties.

Looking for more ways to discover your skin?  Take our quiz.  You’ll get a 13 page Ebook packed with information just for your skin type.  What active ingredients should you be using, what products to use, what order to use them in, even your ideal skincare routine.  I mean Everything!  You’ll be so glad you did! 

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