Your Perfect Shower Ritual: Embrace Body Oils for Sensitive Skin

Your Perfect Shower Ritual: Embrace Body Oils for Sensitive Skin

The struggle is real, that’s why we always recommend body oils for sensitive skin. For your skin, your shower routine's effectiveness depends on post-shower body care.

the perfect shower routine step by step

Last week we spoke about how to Elevate Your Shower Routine: Discover Your Glow, where we break down what a complete shower ritual looks like and talk a little bit about the most essential part to my babes with dry sensitive skin…  The post-shower care.  

What is an Ideal Shower Ritual

As busy moms, we always feel like we don’t have enough time but we forget that we can create our own magical shower routine.  It’s a simple act that can feel indulgent, and restore you.  We can break it down into 2 parts, the perfect shower ritual, and the post-shower body care. Below is a list of steps in a shower ritual for sensitive skin.  If you want a greater detail I recommend reading this article for more.

The Ideal Shower Ritual Step by Step.

Shampoo and Rise

Conditioner (leave it in and rinse it out later)

Shave (or Not)

Exfoliating and Masks (make this a double date twice a week!)

Rinse Conditioner

Wash off using the best Artisan Soaps

dry skin sos the secret weapon for dry skin reveled

What is post-shower bodycare?  

Post-shower body care refers to the skincare routine you follow after taking a shower. It involves applying products like moisturizers, body oils, and other treatments to nourish and protect your skin, keeping it hydrated, soft, and healthy. This step is crucial in maintaining your skin's moisture balance and addressing any specific skin concerns you might have.

Body oils are the best-kept secret for sensitive skin.

Many body oils are minimally processed and free from toxins. Since they don't have water, there's no need for preservatives. With fewer ingredients, they're ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin, reducing the risk of reactions.  


The key to our Honey, Nourishing Dry Body Oil is the blend.  Our custom blend of plant-based oils does an amazing job of keeping the hydration in your skin.   Using MCT, a dry oil that comes from coconuts, leaves our luxurious feeling of silky softness without feeling greasy or sticky.  The best part is that you don’t have to use it every day even though you’ll want to!


The BEST Body oil for eczema

If you are struggling to keep your skin healthy to avoid eczema flare-ups you are going to love this body oil.  You won’t believe that such a luxurious body oil can make your skin the silky softest it’s ever been and never cause irritation.  


With eczema on the body, we recommend using our oatmilk + honey soap.  It has 100% Organic oats in the soap as well as real ground vanilla beans on the top.  It smells so good its no wonder it’s our most popular.


You can use our cool mint exfoliating soap on any rough patches,  the pumice powder gently buffs the skin. Without scratching it, to avoid future irritation.   Follow up with our Nourishing Dry Body Oil and everyone will want to know your secret.  

dry skin? the best body oil for dry skin

Body oils vs. lotion what’s better for dry skin?

It's not even a competition. I'm team body oil all the way. Lotions might feel like a quick fix, but they're mostly water, disappearing faster than a summer rain. Enter body oils, swooping in to save the day. Apply them to damp skin after your shower, and voilà! You're sealing in that precious hydration, ready to rock the day with skin that's just as fabulous as you.



Ah, there you have it – the secret to unlocking your shower's true potential. Sensitive skin warriors, rejoice! With body oils for sensitive skin as your ultimate sidekick, your post-shower routine just hit the jackpot.


Remember, as busy moms, we might not always find extra hours in the day, but we can definitely create our own pockets of magic. Crafting a personalized shower ritual isn't just about getting clean; it's about giving yourself a little slice of indulgence, a moment of restoration that can uplift your entire day.




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