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Gift Ideas For Women They Actually Want

Let’s talk about gift ideas for women. It may seem like you have people in your life who are hard to buy gifts for. When you are in charge of choosing presents, it can get overwhelming to make sure that you give everyone exactly what they want.

So here is a list full of gift ideas women really want so you know exactly what to give. Or maybe you can use them to take time to care for yourself. This way, you’ll be ready when the holiday season starts.

The point of a gift is to show the other person how much they mean to you.  That you took the time to find something that shows you know them instead of just grabbing the first thing you see to check them off your list. To ensure you are an amazing gift giver this year, I’ve broken down suggestions based on the types of people you would buy for and list some great ideas to get for them.

The Chic Friend Who Has Everything  

Choosing gifts for your bestie is hard, I mean what are you going to get the woman that has everything?  I mean she has you right?  But she is also the lady that knows all your secrets, including some things that happened that one time we don’t talk about anymore… 

She’s Vegan, loves skincare, and is already on every trend.  You have to find something that you know she’s absolutely going to love.  And provide her a little experience that she’s never had for a change!   

The Flora Skinlab Vitamin C Peel Professional Treatment System makes this a luxury gift, perfect for the woman who has everything.

Our two-step Vitamin C Peel Professional Treatment System resurfaces skin complexion and texture to brighten dull skin, and encourage collagen production.  It’s the perfect addition to any Luxurious Vegan Skincare Collection.

Your Busy Sister

You know she’s always running around and doesn’t have enough time. Super busy go-getters like her are not likely taking the time to take care of themselves. Give her the gift of time.  

Our Brightening Basics Collection is an unusual luxury gift that is perfect to get her started on her self-care journey. 

The Brightening Basics Skincare Set was designed with your hectic schedule in mind. No matter if you have dry, oily, or mature skin, these are the basics that you need in your routine.  

Each of the formulas works double duty so your everyday morning skincare routine takes less time than making a cup of coffee. Brightening Basics, get the results you want without all the extra steps.  You know how much she loves to save time off her mornings!


Your Mom

How often do you get frustrated and wonder what gifts you can buy for the woman who wants nothing?  If your mom is anything like mine, she’s never wanted anything, like EVER!

The Rose Collection is great to pamper this type of mom on your gift list. 

Your mom likely already has a skincare routine and these are all products that she can use to pamper herself. 

The delicate rose scent makes it a true treat. 

Rose essential oil is great for mature skin because it’s soothing and is perfect to use with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool.   The Gua Sha is a facial massage tool, that’s used for lymphatic drainage and to help sculpt the face.

Read our article to learn more about How To Use A Gua Sha Massage Tool and why it’s one of our favorite gift ideas for women.

What About a Gift for Your Work Wife 

We all have a best friend at work. She listens to you complain about your boss and your crazy sister-in-law.   She has the BEST candy in the office and never brings fish to the lunchroom! 

You know she deserves a little pampering, and she’s not going to give it to herself. 

Our Rose Lip Mask is everybody’s favorite and she’s going to love it too. 

It’s one of those things she probably wouldn’t buy for herself but once she tries it she’s going to love it and she will ask how she lived without it.

For anyone not into skincare, the lip mask is a good place to start because when you wake up to the soft kissable lips of your dreams, you’re going to want to try the complete luxurious vegan skincare routine too!    

rose vanilla lip mask for chapped lips


Gift Something Special To You

As we mentioned in our How To Find The Best Skincare Products For You article, having a good skincare routine is essential to make yourself a priority. 

Finding a luxurious and affordable product is easy when you know what products to look for. 

Skincare isn’t expensive if you are using it every day. It’s an affordable luxury because you deserve to pamper yourself with the best you can. 

If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you – especially if you’re using the same thing that you did in your teens or 20s.



If you’re looking for creative gifts that encourage self-care for your friends or family, we hope that these gift ideas for women give you a starting point to check off your list.

Looking for more help with your own wish list? Make an appointment with Julie and we can help you decide what to ask for.

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