You'll never look at soap the same way again.

Our luxurious skin loving soap is made from  100% coconut milk the good creamy kind. We add no water. Its formulated to be the most gentlest soap on your skin. It’s not going to strip your natural skin barrier, a healthy skin barrier is essential for healthy skin. 

You deserve an everyday luxury because your skin needs a little #skinlove. 

You've spoiled my husband. He doesn't want to go back to drugstore soap!!!

Elizabeth M.

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Are you interested in the benefits of taking a cold shower?

You wouldn’t believe it but taking cold showers are a well kept secret.  Its always been known that the cold water increases circulation and blood flow to your skin.  But did you know that there’s also a blue zone in your brain that is sensitive to the cold?  And when it’s activated it releases feel good chemicals.  It’s know to help you stay alert, reduce stress, gain will power, it even boosts your immune system.

It’s so interesting the way that bathing with cold water helps you deal with stress.  By building the habit of exposing yourself to cold water your forcing your body to go thru a little amount of calculated stress.  You are able to train your body to know that this is nothing to be alarmed about, and will eventually turn into a more pleasurable experience.  This practice, will spill into the rest of your life, actually helping you deal with everyday stress better!   And here you thought you were just taking a shower.  

For more information about the benefits of cold showers follow me on Pintrest.  I have a whole board of rabbit holes to fall into!


Julie Flora Skinlab

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