Julie Denbo, Flora Skinlab

Love. I feel like that is what I was brought to the world to share.  I’m a little emotional.  I give big hugs; I have a big family. I can’t help it I’m a lover. Love has led me down an interesting road.  I think It’s really what has brought me to where I am today.

Out of the love for my son, I started making soap, and fell in love with soapmaking. Out of the love for my mom, I made lotion bars for the first time.  I started making and experimenting with other things like body butters and sugar scrubs and I feel in love with skin care products.  I became obsessed! I’d be totally embarrassed to show you my bathroom counter, #research 😉.   I was so inspired.  I kept imagining how to combine everything I loved, about skincare. How could I combine them to make bathing, the luxurious event that it deserves to be?

I researched all kinds of ingredients.  Discovered Korean skincare routines!  I made a lotion for the first time. #science for the win!  It was the most amazing lotion I had ever tried.  One thing leads to the next.  I kept experimenting.

I kept working on the formulas until they were everything I loved.  Inspired by kbeauty, the texture, the scents, the way your skin feels everything because I wanted to create a treasured ritual.  It is skincare that you want to use again and again.  Because it revives you, because its skincare that loves your skin.

Now I’m excited to share this magic moment with you.  It’s been luxuriously handcrafted just for you.  To help soothe your dry skin.  To gently exfoliate your skin without scratching. The scents are delicate, and our soap is yummy. Taking care of yourself is important.  We can help you turn your skincare into a routine that you will love.  One that pampers your skin and delights you.

Join me!

Julie Flora Skinlab

Have you heard of the Lotus House?

This is an organization that is true to my heart.  They are an amazing organization here in Miami that is committed to helping end Child and Family Homelessness.  And TOGETHER we can make a difference.  If you’d like to learn more about their programs and how you too can help, just click on the link below.


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