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Ready To Update Your Summer Skincare Routine?

You are probably wondering if you should update your summer skincare routine. In this post, we’re sharing the 2022 season’s trends and what you need to know to get that Summer Glow.


Should I Change My Routine Every Season?

Yes! Your skin is a living organ and you want to give it what it needs to look and feel its best no matter what time of year it is.

Adjust your skincare routine according to the season and how it’s responding to the change in weather.

If it needs hydration, add a moisturizing toner or serum. Whatever you change, though, remember to use an SPF to protect your body and face no matter what the season.


What Are Some Tips For My Summer Skincare Routine?

Skip the real tan and make sure that you use sunscreen.  

There are two different types of sunscreen: physical and chemical.


Physical Sunscreen

This type of sunscreen sits on the skin and blocks the rays from getting to your skin.

Historically people don’t like this because it leaves a white cast. This means the sunscreen is so thick that it sits on the surface of your skin and your makeup can’t cover it.

If you are fair-skinned, we recommend you use both physical and chemical sunscreen to maximize your protection.


Chemical Sunscreen

This type of sunscreen is absorbed into the skin and transforms the sun’s rays into heat so your body is able to release it. 

At Flora Skinlab, our sunscreen is a chemical because it provides great everyday coverage, it’s easy to apply, and it doesn’t leave you with a white cast.

You can wear it with or without makeup because it’s lightweight, SPF 50 for a lot of protection, and it’s formulated with AHAs so that it’s brightening.

It will work with all skin types.

If you want to add a moisturizer and SPF to your minimal summer skincare routine, it does triple duty because it helps even your skin tone, moisturizes, and SPF 50 sunscreen.

You get a lot out of our Brightening Moisturizer Day Protection SPF 50.

brightening day protection with spf 50

What Summer Skincare Is Good For Dry Skin?

In our article, Get Ready For Spring, we share how people with dry skin will want to continue to moisturize their skin year-round.

In addition to sharing tips for dry skin, we share a bonus section that provides a list of hydrating active humectants for all skin types to look for.


What Products Should I Add To My Summer Skincare Routine If I Have Dry Skin?

I suggest you add a hydrating serum. This high-tech formula has different weights of hyaluronic acid so that they penetrate different levels of your skin.

Replenishing the hydration in all the layers of your skin and goes deeper.

It has honey which is another humectant and it works together with the hyaluronic acid to make sure you have to get the most out of the hydration your skin has. 

Our Ultra Hydrating x3 Serum Concentrate is a fast-absorbing elixir formulated with a combination of natural oils and extracts to soothe and soften your skin. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants this serum is lightweight enough to wear day and night.

x3 serum super hydrating for dry skin


What Summer Skincare Products Should I Use For Oily Skin?

Clay masks are ideal for oil or acne-prone skin because they clean out the “gunk” from your pores.

Our Binchotan Skin Purifying Glow Mask is a balm that won’t dry your face out.

After the mask deep cleans, when you add water it heats up so the thermal properties in the mask help melt away the clogs in your pores, leaving you with a really deep clean without the hydration being stripped from your skin. 

the best face mask for dry skin

Which Moisturizer Is Best For Oily Skin In Summer?

If you have oily skin, separate out the two main ingredients in a moisturizer (hydration and oil).

Our Rose Collection features a Rose Gelee Moisturizer For Acne-Prone Skin. This oil-free moisturizer also has hydrating hyaluronic acid. The idea is that you can add all the moisture your skin needs but you still have to lock it in.

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need to balance your skin. You get this result from our Rose Glow Facial Oil.


When you use both the Gelee and Facial Oil together, you can control how hydrated your skin gets.


What Summer Skincare Products Should I Use For Mature Skin?

I recommend our Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask Treatment for mature skin. It plumps your skin and it has watermelon extract that is high in malic acid – a really good brightener and exfoliant.

This treatment hydrates your skin and lets it look brighter and healthier.

The hyaluronic acid gives it a cool and refreshing feel as it sits on your skin.

Our mask treatment also has lavender to relax you – you get all the aromatherapy benefits of it. It’s a great thing to do at night.

the best nighttime moisturizer


When you look at your skincare routine, it doesn’t matter what the season is. Always look at your skin to give you clues for what it needs. Choose products that will give your skin what it needs, not based on fads.

Want to see some of the products in action? Come visit me on TikTok @floraskinlab!



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