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Selfcare For Moms This Holiday Season

Today’s post gives tips on how self-care for moms is essential to help you beat holiday stress.

Generally, the holiday season is hard for mothers because they feel a lot of pressure to make them perfect.  We also take on all the additional duties of gift shopping, big meal prep, and event planning.  That’s why this post is so helpful,  when you are in the middle of all that, your future self is going to be high-fiving you!


Start With Gratitude

I know that this may not seem like a hack, but nothing puts things back into perspective when you’re having “one of those days” like taking a moment to be grateful.

In that moment when your children are acting crazy and having a meltdown from the excitement of the season and you’re feeling stretched thin, taking the time to remember why you are doing this, shifts your focus.

We are lucky that some of our biggest problems are around how we get to make everything special.

Being grateful is important so you can focus on why you are working so hard.  BTW, remember that it’s also ok to ask for help.


Make A Holiday Plan Early

When you plan ahead, you can focus on what you love the most and leave the rest so you can enjoy the holidays more.

Weesprout agrees that “by adding in a simple plan for mommy self-care this season, we can enter in, enjoy, and finish in strength that has the potential to defeat and deplete us.”

Planing does not come easy to me.  But when you’re rushing between events squeezed in between your everyday life, and having family or friends coming over, following your checklist takes a lot of pressure off.

For me, there are two dinner recipes for the holidays I make every year. I always volunteer to make these because I know everyone loves them and I don’t have to stress and find something new, wondering if it will be a hit or a bust.  Now, it’s a tradition!

Some things you might want to plan to make it easier on your future self include:

    • Menu
    • Budget
    • Wish list (take a screenshot and forward when you’re asked for ideas)
    • Favorite stores
    • Gift ideas
    • Sizes (clothes, shoes, etc.)
    • Favorite colors

To help you get ahead of the season here’s a pre-made Holiday List to help get you started in your planning.

Click on the image above to download your Holiday List instantly! 

Have Extra Gift Cards On-Hand

No matter where you go, there are gifting opportunities.

Think about the receptionist that always manages to squeeze you in or the ladies in the office at the daycare. 

You will always find someone that you wished you brought something for so be sure to buy an extra card or two so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute.


Do Something That Brings YOU Joy

Selfcare for moms can be as simple as doing something early in the season that gets you into the holiday spirit.


My favorite thing to do is make Christmas Cookies.  I started making them for my mom in Highschool, and I make them for her every year.  It’s a pain in the butt making it with the kids because of the mess, but when I pull out fresh baked cookies for my mom it always makes it worth it.  But just once a year because no one has time for the mess! LOL

Since the kids and I enjoy doing this together, we do it early. This way I don’t miss out on the one thing that is important to me and it sets the tone for the holidays.



When you take time to be in the moment and plan ahead, it can slow down the rushed-off-your-feet feeling. It also will give you the opportunity to appreciate why you are going the extra mile to make the holidays special for your family and friends.

Remember, you are also being gifted this season. Another great idea to make the holiday time stress-free for yourself and to make sure you get what you want is to create a personal wishlist for your family and loved ones.

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