the best face mask for dry skin
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The Best Face Masks for Dry Skin

Yes, you should be using face masks for dry skin!

Do facemasks work for Dry Skin?

Yes, Facemasks work!  Using a facemask is one of my favorite ways to get active ingredients into the skin. Facemasks are a great way to have fun with your skincare routine.   They offer you a sensory experience without a big commitment.  And if you are just looking to get into skincare, this is a great place to start!

What are the different types of face masks?

the 7 different types of face masks which on is the right one for you.

  • Bubble Masks – are masks that foam upon your face, to supposedly add oxygen to the surface of your skin and help with circulation.  They are fun to use but don’t really do much for the skin.
  • Clay /Charcoal Masks –  I tend to place these in the same category since they are usually both really good for oily skin as they can help absorb excess sebum from your skin.  Charcoal is also fantastic at deep cleaning!
  • Cream Masks – Are the BEST for Dry skin.  Choose quality products with ingredients that really hydrate.  Like hyaluronic acid, Glycerin, Aloe, and Honey.
  • Sleep Masks –  Like other masks, these you wear to bed to work overnight.  We have 2 overnight masks the Rose Lip Mask and Overnight Recovery Sleep masks.   Both have exfoliating ingredients that work overnight to get your skin soft!
  • Peel-Off Masks- work by removing a layer of dead skin as the dried formula is literally peeled away from the face.  You may feel a little smoothing, but this can really dry out your skin and you should avoid them if you have sensitive skin.
  • Brightening and Exfoliating face masks – The best brightening facemask help by exfoliating and helping diminish dark spots and patches.  professional vitamin c peel at home treatment antiaging treatment

What’s the best face mask for Dry Sensitive skin?   

For dry sensitive skin, I suggest creamier face masks.  Look for facemasks that add tons of hydration.  You are going to find that as your skin barrier function improves, so does your glow! 

Our Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask & Treatment is the Best facemask for dry sensitive skin because it’s packed with hyaluronic acid that hydrates so deeply you feel the hydration when you apply it, but it leaves no residue!  

Watermelon extract that’s rich in malic acid gently exfoliates overnight so you wake up to plump hydrated skin.  It’s like the skin of your dreams but you’re awake!


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Face masks to avoid if you have dry skin!

If you have dry or sensitive skin avoid using face masks that can irritate your skin.  

  • Physical face scrubs with sugar or salt-  the crystals are too big, stick to face acids that are gentler they can exfoliate without irritation
  • Peel-Off Masks- these are a big don’t!
  • Clay masks.  These generally are too drying on the skin.  Any of the benefits for the minerals in the clay will be offset by how drying they are.   If you want to use them make sure to pack them back in the hydration after.  


If you are looking for a deep cleaning face mask but have dry skin, take a look at  Binchotan Skin Purifying Glow Mask.  With the finest grade Binchotan Charcoal powder this cleans deeply and gently exfoliates in a balm that doesn’t dry out.  Then gently warms up to melt the face oils and impurities when you rinse your skin, revealing clean glowing skin underneath!

the best face mask for dry skin

How often should you apply face masks?

This really depends on the kind of facemasks that you have.  Some masks like our overnight recovery mask are safe to use every day.  But stronger face masks with exfoliating face acids like the Rose Firming mask should be used 1 – 2 times a week and always with sunscreen in the mornings. Because if you’re not using sunscreen you are exposing your skin to more damage.


For best results apply wash off face masks to clean dry skin before you apply other skincare products.  Sleep masks are best applied to clean skin just before bed.   




Facemasks are a great place to have fun in your skincare routine.  Using the right face masks for dry skin can really improve your skin barrier resulting in a healthy glow.  


And if you’ve been wondering about adding face acids to your skincare routine make sure to download the FREE ebook all about, face acids and exfoliating.  Download Now >>





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