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What Is A Minimal Skincare Routine?

As a busy mom, you know you need to care for your skin but you barely have time to go to the bathroom by yourself. You don’t have time for a 10 step skincare routine – you need a minimal skincare system. 

Skin minimalism came about as a response to the trendy multi-step skincare routines. Let me show you how you can have a simple yet effective routine in as few steps as possible.


What Are Minimal Skincare Routines?

According to Everyday Health, “the minimalist approach to skin care… involves cutting the number of products in your routine down to the bare essentials.”

We are inundated with so much information about different skincare ingredients, skincare routines, and skincare treatments that it’s hard to know which ones are best for your individual skin type. 

If you’re having problems with your skin barrier, get back to basics. Don’t complicate your routine.  

Why Care For Your Skin?

The function of your skin is to keep the world out of your body. There’s a lot more going on than you see so we need to balance it. 

When your skin is compromised you’re either not taking care of it or being exposed to the elements, your skin will react with redness, breakouts, dry patches, or oiliness. 

What we see can have a lot of different causes but, if your skin is balanced and doing its job to protect your body, you won’t see these irritations. 

The best thing to do when you have irritation or acne or whatever thing is to go back to basics and concentrate on protecting your skin barrier. You can do this with simple products.


Is Knowing My Skin Type Important?

The key to a good minimal skincare routine is knowing your skin type. Without understanding this, you won’t know what to leave out or add to your system.

Oily skin does not need the same things as dry skin does and vice versa.  Once you understand what your skin really needs, and what works best for you then you can look for just those ingredients.


What Treatments Should I Use?

The term “treatment” is used loosely here. It refers to an additional product based on your specific skin type’s needs.  Since the Beauty Industry doesn’t have a standard, it really refers to anything you apply to your skin that isn’t a cleanser or moisturizer.  When trying new treatments remember that most skincare treatments take a few weeks to see results.    


minimal skincare tips for oily skin

Oily Skin Minimal Skincare Treatments

If you have problems with oily skin and breakouts, one of the things you’re going  to want to do is to add a BHA (beta hydroxy acid). They specifically help with unclogging pores.

You may also want to look for products that include chamomile, rose, or niacinamide because those can help with inflammation and redness.

In my Tips For Oily Skin In The Summer article, I share which products would be best for you. From gentle cleansers to moisturizers, sunscreen to protect it, and facemasks that cool and deep clean without stripping it so you don’t make it worse.


minimal skincare tips for dry skin

Minimal Skincare Treatments For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin you will need hydrating products that are right for you. 

I wrote an article that explains all about humectants. These are ingredients that attract moisture to the skin. If you have ultra-dry skin you need something that adds moisture and has lipids to trap or seal in the moisture.


Try Multi-Tasking Products

Multitasking products are beneficial because you get the most out of the least amount of steps. 

When you use quality products, that you love consistently, you’ll get the results your looking for.  You actually save money because you’ll get more out of it.  When it comes to minimal skincare routines, look for formulas that are designed to work together to save you money and  time.


Exfoliate Weekly

The Flora Skinlab Glow Mask is a clay mask that not only cleans your skin but also exfoliates it as well. 

Since it’s clay in a balm it doesn’t dry out your skin or irritate your skin’s barrier. This way you can get a deep clean and exfoliate all in one step.


What Products You May Not Really Need

Don’t repeat ingredients or use unnecessary products in your skincare routine.   

Not everyone has the same skin or the same issues.  For example, not everyone benefits from hyaluronic acid, depending on your climate it could make your skin dry.  Some people prefer to use face oil blends to moisturizers or creams.  The key is to know what your skin needs, and use that.     

If you are not sure about the commitment you can give to a skincare routine, that’s OK. Start with a mask. It’s a safe way to start your skincare journey!



Why Investing In Minimal Skincare makes sense

When you catch a glimpse of your face in the zoom call and you realize no one can tell you didn’t sleep last night and you’re looking great even without all the make up your going to be glad you invested in your skincare. 

Minimal Skincare is a luxury within reach because when you upgrade the quality of your skincare, you maximize your investment in your skin’s health.

Invest in yourself save time and money with a minimal skincare routine that works.

Ready To Build A Minimal Skincare Routine?

Here are my favorite products that will help you build a minimal skincare system for your skin type.

Face Cleansers – 

Deep Cleaning Oil Cleanser
Deep Cleaning Oil Cleanser
Vegan Exfoliating Gel Cleansing Nectar
Vegan Exfoliating Gel Cleansing Nectar
Hydrating Cream Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Skin
Hydrating Cream Cleanser for Dry Sensitive Skin
Brightening Cleansing Water
Brightening Cleansing Water


SPF and Moisturizers

Brightening Day Protection Moisturizer with SPF 50
Brightening Day Protection Moisturizer with SPF 50
Refreshing Cloud Cream Vegan Skincare
Refreshing Cloud Cream Vegan Skincare
Hydrating Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin
Hydrating Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin


Toners and Serums

Ultra Hydrating X3 Serum Concentrate
Ultra Hydrating X3 Serum Concentrate
Hydrating alcohol free toner with artic birch bark extract
Hydrating Alcohol-Free Toner with Arctic Birch Bark Extract
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Toner
Alpha Hydroxy Acid Toner



Binchotan Skin Purifying Glow Mask
rose vanilla lip mask for chapped lips
Rose Lip Mask for Chapped Lips
Professional Vitamin C Peel System
Professional Vitamin C Peel System



The key to a successful skincare routine is knowing your skin type. My quiz is a fun easy way to learn. 

At the end of the quiz, you’ll get an e-book that will tell you exactly what to do each morning and evening. 

I also share more info than you ever thought you’d want to know about your skin type so that you are fully aware of how to properly care for your skin.

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