Why a Great Sleeping mask is my well kept secret
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Why a great sleeping mask is my best-kept skincare secret.

If you want to wake up to a more youthful glow then you need to reach for a sleeping mask too!

What is a sleeping mask and why do I need one? 

Wake up to a more youthful glow, sleeping masks are a skincare treatment you apply overnight.  Before bed use a sleeping mask to target skin concerns.   So you can wake up to brighter hydrated skin that’s glowing from the inside out!


Today’s sleeping masks offer hydrating ingredients, non-Comedogenic Formulas, and Exfoliating Properties that help you get the most out of a simple routine.

And if you are looking to simplify your skincare routine, a great sleeping mask is a no-brainer.  

sleeping masks faqs find out why this sleeping mask is my best kept beauty secret

Is a sleeping mask the same as a moisturizer?

Sleeping masks can be moisturizing and can be used instead of a moisturizer but they’re not a moisturizer.  They’re so much more. 

As a skin care treatment, sleeping masks are applied before bed to target skin concerns overnight.  Look for masks that have super hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that can give you the moisture your skin needs as a moisturizer.  


A quality sleeping mask like my Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask and Treatment is also loaded with watermelon extract that’s full of malic acid.  This works super gently overnight to exfoliate and brighten your skin too!


Are sleeping masks good for your skin?

Sleeping masks are GREAT for your skin especially if you are creating a minimal skincare routine.   


A quality staple like the Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask and Treatment is versatile so you can use it instead of a moisturizer at night, as a sleeping mask, or as a treatment.   No matter which way you use it, you still wake up to plump hydrated skin!


Is it okay to use a sleeping mask every day?

Our Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask and Treatment are so gentle you can use it every night before bed.  It’s amazing for redness and helps calm the skin!  


With calming aromatherapy vibes from lavender, this is the perfect nightly self-care product for you.



Are you ready to simplify your nighttime routine with an amazing sleeping mask?  


Remember you are looking for one with hydrating ingredients, non-Comedogenic Formulas, and Exfoliating Properties.  

instantly hydrates and gently exfoliates overnight works while you sleep this is the best sleeping mask for your skin

The Overnight Recovery Sleep Mask and Treatment is so hydrating that you feel the moisture as soon as it hits your skin on a hot Miami day.   Helps calm redness and gently exfoliates so you wake up to a more youthful appearance, and all those chill vibes.  It’s going to be the favorite part of your nighttime routine too!  But don’t worry it’s our secret 🤭 




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