Why Eco-Friendly Skincare is Better for You and the environment
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Why Eco-Friendly Skincare is Better for You and the Environment Too!

Eco-friendly Skincare means using multi-tasking skincare products that can save you time, money, and effort without compromising your skin’s health in a sustainable way.


I’m here to spill the tea on why eco-friendly skincare is the way to go. Not only is it better for your skin, but it’s also better for the environment. Plus, who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product that saves you time and money?

eco friendly skincare what is it?

What does Eco-friendly Skincare mean?

Eco-friendly skincare means using products that are sustainable and kind to the planet. That’s why we’re excited to promote our Brightening Moisturizer Day Protection SPF 50 and our Eco-Luxe Luxury Vegan Skincare collection.


Our Brightening Moisturizer Day Protection SPF 50 is the perfect example of a multi-tasking product. It’s a moisturizer, sunscreen, and brightening cream all in one! Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals. Your skin will thank you for it.

Eco-Luxe is Luxury Vegan Skincare

But let’s talk about our Eco-Luxe Luxury Vegan Skincare collection

We’ve got some amazing products that not only feel great on your skin but also help reduce your environmental impact.


Eco-Friendly Skincare Products

Vegan Nourishing Serum Concentrate

Our Vegan Nourishing Serum Concentrate is a game-changer. It can be used as a moisturizer, a spot treatment for flaky skin, as a nourishing face mask, or as a glide for the gua sha massage. This multi-tasking serum is made with natural ingredients and is free from harsh chemicals, making it safe for your skin and the planet.


Eco Friendly skincare solutions

Biodegradable Soap Paper

And have you tried our Biodegradable Soap Paper? These soap papers are packed in a recyclable tin that you can reuse or recycle, and the papers themselves are completely biodegradable and vegan. They’re so versatile that you can even use them to take a shower in a pinch. They’re a must-have for all moms who are always on the go!


By choosing eco-friendly skincare products like these, you’re not only taking care of your skin but also taking care of the planet. It’s a win-win!


So, the next time you’re on the hunt for new skincare products, consider going eco-friendly. Trust me, your skin and the environment will thank you for it. And if you need some inspiration, check out our Brightening Moisturizer Day Protection SPF 50, our Vegan Nourishing Serum Concentrate, and our Biodegradable Soap Paper. Your skin (and the planet) will love you for it!


Cheers to happy, healthy, and eco-friendly skin!




Want to learn about all our amazing Eco- Luxe skincare products?  Check out the complete Collection of eco-friendly skincare products!

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