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Why switch to solid shampoo bars.

Why switch to solid shampoo bars.

You’ve heard about solid shampoo bars, but you’re not ready to make the switch.  Shampoo bars are typically healthier for your hair than detergent-based liquid shampoos because they’re made without parabens, sulfates, and pH balanced which means more Good Hair days for you with shiner more manageable hair!

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Why did we start making solid shampoo bars?

One of the biggest decisions you make as a soap maker is whether to include palm oil in your soap formula.  We don’t because rainforests are being cut down to make way for plantations to grow palm for their oil.  It’s cheap oil and now it’s in everything, (even your Nutella and peanutbutter.)  It’s also causing orangutans to lose their habitat.


So we don’t use palm.  Most of our skincare products are vegan and their containers are recyclable.

We just switched to biodegradable plastic to wrap our soaps so you don’t have to worry about the single-use plastic waste.

Because plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose, we decided that solid shampoo bars are the best option for us and the environment. 

Here are some amazing benefits to using solid shampoo bars you may not have thought of.


5 reasons to use solid shampoo

5 Benefits of using solid shampoo bars

No plastic

Our bars can take the place of 2-3 bottles of shampoo which means we’re not sending those plastic bottles to the landfill, where it takes them up to 450 years to decompose!  Go you!

They are waterless

Water is another limited resource we don’t always think about.  But the main ingredient in most liquid shampoos and body wash is water, and you don’t need to pay for water.

Super Gentle

They’re made without any of the yucky stuff you don’t want in your hair like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicone.  As a result, your hair becomes shinier and more manageable.  There’s less damage since your hair is not stripped like with other shampoos.

Saves you money 

Our amazing solid shampoo bars can take the place of 2-3 bottles of shampoo!  Your saving a ton of cash right there that can go to other important things.  Like your skincare 😉

Amazing results!

Our Shampoo bars are Sulfate Free and great for damaged hair!  It’s formulated to work as a super-sudsy shampoo with a rice water rinse in a long-lasting, zero-waste form.  


Rice starch has inositol that penetrates deep and helps repair your hair from the inside out and hydrolyzed silk protein has the ability to supply the hair with new keratin protein and thereby reinforce weakened hair.


Women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia have used rice water as a hair treatment for centuries because it can: 

  • Help detangle hair
  • Makes hair smoother
  • Increases shine
  • Makes hair stronger
  • Helps hair with growth

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For thin hair like mine, it also adds tons of volume without needing any extra products! You are left with bouncy clean hair!


How long does it take my hair to adjust to Shampoo Bars

Some people do experience a transition period when switching to solid shampoo bars from traditional shampoos. 


It can last between 2-3 weeks or even longer for some. If you live in a hard water area the transition period is usually longer, a water softener helps hugely. 

ready for great hair days sulfate free shampoo bar

How do I find the best Shampoo Bar?

Like goldie locks, you may have to try a few before you find the perfect shampoo bar for your hair.  We formulated ours for thin or damaged hair.  Our formula helps from the inside out so you have more Great Hair Days! 


How to store your Shampoo Bar

To get the most out of your solid shampoo bars make sure to keep them dry and out of the spray of water.  They are package-free, but you should keep them on a well-draining soap dish or in a super cute holder like ours.  Yes, it’s a baby steamer!  Made out of bamboo and recyclable! 



Your next Great Hair day starts with an amazing shampoo, you’re going to love the way your hair looks!  With three amazing scents, it’s easy to pick a favorite.  Order your solid shampoo bar today!

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