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Cotton Comfort Gloves: Essential Companion for Intensive Moisturization

Cotton Comfort Gloves: Essential Companion for Intensive Moisturization

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Discover the gentle, nurturing touch of our Cotton Comfort Gloves, specially designed for those with eczema and extremely dry skin.

These gloves aren't just a layer of protection; they're a key part of your skin healing and hydration journey.

Enhancing Your Experience: The Flora Skinlab Touch

  • Soft and Gentle Composition: Made with a blend of 75% cotton and 25% polyester, these gloves are soft on sensitive skin, ensuring comfort while offering the durability needed for regular use.
  • Perfect Fit and Versatility: At a length of 8.67 inches (22 cm), they are slightly stretchable, accommodating most hand sizes comfortably. Ideal for various needs, from spa treatments and cosmetics to being used as a liner under cleaning gloves or for gardening in cooler weather.
  • Enhanced Skin Repair: Especially effective when used in combination with our Wonderbalm, these gloves help to intensify moisturization. After applying Wonderbalm, slip on the gloves to seal in the balm’s nourishing ingredients, providing an optimal environment for skin repair and hydration.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: The breathable fabric ensures that your hands remain comfortable and not overly warm, making them suitable for overnight use or for extended periods during the day.

These Cotton Comfort Gloves are more than just an accessory

They're a crucial tool in your skincare arsenal, particularly for those combating rough, dry hands. Use them with our Wonderbalm for an enhanced moisturizing experience, allowing your hands to heal and regain their natural softness and health.

Embrace the soothing care of our Cotton Comfort Gloves and give your hands the attention and protection they deserve. 

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